Wish It Inc.

In this 12-part serial comedy, Hannah, an ordinary girl, finds a job at the world's only wish-granting company, Wish It Inc. Its CEO, Fairy Godmother, runs a tight ship full of genies, fairies, and even birthday clowns.  

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Cast & Crew

Fairy Godmother
Hannah Schubert
Travis Goodfellow
Teddy Bahre

Wendy Darling
JoJo Jobriath
Karla Herring

Ellen McLain
Jessica Davis
Nick Celentano
Haley Mancini
Amber Ruffin
Ben Palacios
Jessica Lowe
Jeff DeCrosta, Jr.
Lena Thomas




& our Kickstarter Backers (Wall of Wishers)

Ryan Anthony Martin
Nick Celentano
Ryan Anthony Martin
Cooper James